ARTist's Biography

Marcus Gilbert is half human and half artist, who was born in Dallas, Texas in 1984, and grew up in the small Dallas suburb of Royse City. He graduated from high school in 2002 and decided being an artist was too hard, so he decided to explore his career options. He traveled and worked in dozens of restaurants as a waiter across the country building excellent people skills and meeting an array of different humans. Also, he had an opportunity to work on an old paddle wheel boat on the Columbia River which eventually led to being an assistant chef on a tour bus, these jobs gave him a deeper desire for traveling. During those years, he was also curious to learn as many artist’s techniques as possible. While living in New Mexico, he landed an introductory position on a crew of old and new artists who did faux finishes, murals, and Styrofoam sculptures in the upscale homes of Albuquerque. That position led him to learn how to airbrush in a local mall, which then took him to Colorado Springs to a full-time position doing custom airbrush artwork for our brothers and sisters at arms back from service in Iraq. His airbrushing eventually gave him the opportunity to run his own custom art airbrush booth in Reno, Nevada. In Reno, he would fall in love with ink, especially when pushed into the skin of other living humans, tattooing. He started his apprenticeship as a tattoo artist and served a 6 month term until having a falling out with the "master tattooer." This would not stop him though from further developing those skills, and hasn't let anything stop him since from finding his next guinea pig.* He has had the fever now for "scratching," for about 10 years. After traveling all over the country on boat, bus, and his behind, he moved to Manhattan, Kansas, to finally pursue an art degree at Kansas State University. In December 2016, after years of hard work, he obtained the very expensive Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Currently using Manhattan as a home base, he hunts for the elusive lifestyle of being a self-employed artist.


*no actual guinea pigs were harmed during this span of time, just humans.